Sunday, June 6, 2010

dear Kaidin... love mommy

Dear Kaidin,

You are 4 years old, going on 12. Sometimes I can't believe you are already 4 and then at other times I forget you are only 4. You truly make our lives interesting, fun, special, and busy. The things you do and say make me laugh and leave me and others in awe of where you get this stuff from.You are doing so well in your preschool class and are always looking for ways to get together with your friends and family. Family is so important to you and love calling “family meetings”, usually during dinner.

You like going out to eat and most of the time are pretty well behaved. It's so fun to watch you and a friend have a conversation, like two little adults. You're best friends until one of you wants something the other one has, then it's on, but most of the time you give in and let them have “the toy”…Sometimes you can be so sweet; it almost makes me want to cry. You always tell me “mommy you look hot, hot like a chicken” (you think that’s cool right now), you tell me that I “am the best mommy ever”, you tell me that you “are so happy I am your mommy”. You are always hugging me and giving me butterfly kisses.

Your favorite quote right now is “don’t be so snooty booty” and you smile and giggle EVERY time you say it.

But there is not too much of a good thing, you have the attitude of a tween! You huff and sigh and throw yourself to the floor. You will go running to your room in tears and slam the door. You will cry scream & yell, You want to do everything "ALL. BY. MY. SELF!" If I'm in the right mood, it's really quite comedic, but can also be very frustrating. Which is also funny, because you use that word a lot, things "irritate you", "frustrate you", leave you "angry." Your new thing is, "we went over this!" I guess I must say that to you. You can be quite bossy when you want to be too.

But, it's all you, and you're so smart, handsome, giving, confident, and sure of what you want. I hope these characteristics stay with you through life. I am so proud and happy to be your Mom!

Love you THIS much, always and forever!

Your Mommy

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