Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Grant!

Today was Kaidin’s little sidekick from school Grants Birthday party. He loves his new friends at school, he has taken a special liking to Grant. He talks very highly of him and we love that. I can see where he gets it from considering his family is adorable and his mom… well she just simply rocks. You know the mom that makes it look so easy and her children are angels. Yep that’s her.. love her! It was actually a “drop off” scooter/bike party. Ummmm… I’m just going to put it out there… this was our 1st ever drop off party. I was cool dropping him off but then had to refrain from the tears and texting to the birthday boys mom (ok so I text once), it’s the obsessiveness in me! He had a great time with his buddies and we feel so blessed to have met the Fuller family. Love you guys! Happy Birthday Buddy, we can’t wait to watch you ROCK this year!

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michele b. said...

It was Nathan's first drop-off party, too! Sounds like they had a great time!!!