Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had the best Halloween this year. The babies were totally into it. Even though they are not talking enough to say “trick-or-treat” yet they were able to wave bye bye and hello at every door which was enough for all those candy giving people out there. The kids were dressed as our Three little Indians and all loved their costumes which made mommy happy as they were very inexpensive! The Jones Halloween Bash was a success as always ringing in Halloween 2011 with Tyler turning 8. I cannot believe it; he is growing like a weed. Happy Birthday little man! What wouldn’t be Halloween or a Party without the ol’ Ranger Danger making an appearance, YEP! We made it two streets for him to come running full force down a driveway with NOTHING  in his way and superman head first hurling his candy pumpkin high into the air making everyone duck yelling OMG “watch out”, all you could see was feathers. As always he stands up with a “its ok, im ok” gathers his candy and walks on… Uncle Mike called that one BUT no trip to the ER. And also please don’t forget the house he told the man while handing him candy, no, I am not an Indian I am Native American. Yes Yes… that is our son… See you next year Halloween.

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