Friday, August 6, 2010


Miya sat ever so patient in her highchair while mommy painted her toes to match mommy. Bode sat in his highchair flinging cheerios at us as we sang the song “oh so pretty”. Once we were all done it was time to play before bed. I let Bode out first and then Miya. You would have thought Miya was holding a million dollars. Bode attacked her toes… She was fighting and kicking and screaming to get away. I had to take it off because he would not leave her alone! Notes to self: add painted toes to the list of hair bows, ruffles, tutu’s and anything glittery to keep OFF Miya around Bode! He really goes crazy about ripping hair bows out of her hair and tulle on a tutu is like one huge chew toy! Poor Miya… and she doesn’t give up easy… until next time…

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