Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby A and Baby B

Today started out as any other normal day. I was 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant and so ready for Miya & Bode to be out of my HUGE body. Trying to stay off my feet while chasing Kaidin around. Mike was working and I was trying to keep myself from going crazy with how uncomfortable I was. I was taken off my terbutaline pills (to stop preterm labor contractions) a couple days ago when she did my “swab” to make sure I wasn’t going into labor anytime in the next two weeks. It came back negative and so I was taken off the pills (she said she has NEVER seen one of those test fail). This was somewhat of a relief as they made me want to speed clean everything and grind my teeth. Fun times were had on those pills let me tell you! I was having contractions all day, and was told it was all ok, we did the “swab”… Well Mike came home from dinner and we had his yummy spaghetti and I ate tons as I was starving as usual. The contractions just kept getting worse but staying about the same minutes apart, not close but strong. Right after dinner about 7:30pm I told Mike I was getting scared as Miya was breech and what if that “swab” test was wrong, I couldn’t have these babies at home. I paged my doctor on call whom just happened to be having a nice dinner with my Peri (my high risk OB doctor). She told me to come in right away but not to eat anything (yeah, too last just ate a TON of spaghetti) that I was fine but she would give me some terbutaline to stop the contractions. Well Mike has ALWAYS been with me at any appointments but this time I knew I was just going to get a shot and be sent home, we had been doing this weekly for some time, so I just had him drop me off at the ER (after hours to L & D) and take Kaidin to get some ice-cream and they were going to visit my brother & his family. I told him I would call him when I was ready to be picked up. Well I got in, got hooked up, got a couple shots of terbutaline and my contractions were not stopping. I was getting worried and Mike wasn’t answering his phone, after all they were out for ice-cream right?!?! All of the sudden in walks my OB and Peri together in scrubs and she said “well let’s have those babies” OMG SAY WHAT! I had no bag, no clothes, no husband, no nothing. This can’t happen right now. I am a planner and this was not on my “to-do” list today. We still had plates in the sink, spaghetti all over. I started going into panic mode. She said to get everyone here and I had 20 minutes at most. Mike answered his phone and thought I was joking, my sister came to the rescue to get Kaidin from my brothers, Mike came to my rescue and my mom & dad jumped in the car and got there as fast as possible. These are the “I am so scared but still smiling” photos before heading into my c-section.

On 4.20.09 20 minutes later little Ms. Miya made her appearance weighing 5 pounds exactly.

After a scary few minutes of little Mr. Bode being stuck and doctors franticly trying to get him out, 5 minutes later little Mr. Bode made his appearance weighing 5 pounds and 5 ounces.

They were both then transported together to the NICU. And our NICU journey begins…

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